对于园区及周边地区的旅游和商业开发,良渚遗址管理区管理委员会相关负责人告诉“北京商报”,管理委员会尚未计划在大规模商业开发方面起带头作用,但良渚街和瓶窑在镇周边地区,有酒店,宾馆,饭店等设施。 (更多原始点击《良渚古城旅游开发边界在哪》阅读)

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The characteristic towns are by no means built overnight, and the good towns at home and abroad are all with decades of history and development. A characteristic town can't be a banner for companies to make quick money or a tool for the government to make achievements, but a long-term, sustainable development and a long-term strategic plan with its own characteristics. As for collecting tickets, I have never thought of it as the most effective way to control the flow of people. In short, the successful application of Liangzhu Park in the northwest suburbs of Hangzhou has provided a tourist destination for Hangzhou, Zhejiang and even the whole country. However, this good place, how to continue to keep fresh and continue to “good”, is a good assessment and planning. Instead of a quick project overnight. I hope that Liangzhu Park will not become another characteristic town with good characteristics.


Dai Xiantian

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Liangzhu is an empirical proof of China's 5,000-year history of civilization. For a long time, Western countries have adopted double standards. They regard the literary works of Homer's epic as history, but they believe that it is the remote age of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, the Dalai River, and the Xia Dynasty. Legends or word-of-mouth, lack of well-documented history, are not enough to prove that the history of Chinese civilization can last for five thousand years. It is believed that Chinese civilization only began in the Shang Dynasty period around 3,500 years ago. It was not until the discovery of the Liangzhu site and the Erlitou site in Xia Dynasty that China used the empirical evidence to hit the faces of Westerners.

The ancient city of Liangzhu was listed as a World Heritage Site. This means that the origin of Chinese civilization and the formation of the country were finally recognized internationally five thousand years ago. Therefore, Liangzhu civilization has special significance in China. Here, congratulations on the success of Liangzhu’s application. The article is mainly about the commercial development of world cultural heritage. Historically, site protection and commercial development have been a matter of balance between historical sites and historical sites. Light is protected, lack of development, will bring insufficient protection funds, the site is not well-known, and the public is not well aware.