阎 祥 祥 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智Warm male action. This also allowed Yan Hexiang to defeat the other actors of Deyun Society in the selection of a large website, and was elected as the absolute actor's name to be the most wanted to marry. Even Zhang Yunlei, Meng Hetang, these people have not been able to compete with He Hexiang, because in the eyes of girls, these actors are the best candidates for boyfriends, but they really want to live, or people like He Hexiang are the most suitable, after all, life is not watching fairy tale.



It is true that He Hexiang’s emotional intelligence is too high. When he was away from a foreign country, he specially gave his master a time to thank his master for ten years. Master said that he was riding a motorcycle to Italy. He didn’t know where he was lost. He Hexiang I really rode my motorcycle to Italy and sent a video to Master to report peace. He Hexiang car and motorcycle, riding around the ancient Colosseum, shouted: "Master, I did not get lost, I rode!" This sentence of Yan Hexiang made many netizens cry, everyone is sighing He Hexiang Why are you so angry?


Some people say that Guo Degang is actually a very chicken thief who left his own proudest apprentice to his son. From the performance of Yan Hexiang, there is really a little bit. The reason why Guo Qilin was chosen as his son's partner was because Gao Hexiang, who had received higher education, had a high degree of political sensitivity. He would not have the mistake of Zhang Yunlei if he escorted him. Deyun’s treasures are too many, so you can’t find out forever. See if He Hexiang really envied how many people he lived to live!